Havannah Blue Activities

Relaxing with family and friends (or a good book) and a cool drink on the deck or by the water’s edge is compulsory activity for Havannah Blue guests!

However, with so much to see and do around Havannah Harbour and around the island, you will need a few weeks! There are many Vila based organisations that offer a wide range of trips and activities, but our local associates arguably have the best value trips on the island.

Havannah Harbour is on the sheltered and ‘sunny’ side of the island of Efate, and our surrounding islands and crystal clear waters provide the best opportunity for a perfect day out, even if raining and blowing in Vila.


With one of the safest and most pristine reefs right out front, you do not have to go far at all, but it is natural to want to see different corals and sea life:


While the reef along the foreshores of Havannah Blue and surrounds is a marine sanctuary, keen anglers can take a rod out on a kayak and chase surface predators just beyond the reef.


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Havannah Blue guests have unlimited use of our kayaks; four adult singles (can carry a child as well as an adult), one double adult kayak, and two children’s kayaks. Poor swimmers and children are to use the life-jackets provided, and wet-shoes are recommended. You can kayak anytime except low tide, and here are a few tips:

Early morning – before the wind starts, when the sun hits the water, the water is the clearest. Perfect time to take the littlies, or non-snorkellers out to see the reef and fishes.
Sunset – tide and weather permitting, paddle out into the balmy calm as the sun heads for the horizon and the fish start feeding around you. Great photo opportunity for the whole family but do come in while there is still some light.

Lunch trip to the Wahoo Bar – for the fitter adults only. Paddle north (right) past the creek entrance and beach, across beautiful reefs and pull up onto the beach by the Wahoo Bar for a cold ale and juicy steak or fresh fish. Half hour there and half hour back.
Moa Beach Trek – for the fitter adults only. Paddle south (left) past Lelepa Landing and explore the cliffs and inlets where the jungle meets the sea. Explore Two Fires cove on foot or by snorkelling, before continuing on past Wedding Cake rock to Moa Beach to take a breather or have some refreshments on the sand by the freshwater stream. Explore the jungle stream and snorkel the spectacular reef on the southern end before heading back. Paddle time 40 to 60 minutes in each direction and remember your camera, snorkelling gear and fresh water.

Diving Around Havannah and Hat Island

Apart from diving off the front (high to medium tide only) where it drops from 6 – 150 metres or with Dudley’s boat trips, the spectacular and renowned dive sites around Havannah Harbour and Hat Island, including wreck dives and caverns, are accessed by the following professional organisations (in no particular order). They offer all the equipment, dive guides and training to get you safely down amongst our coral reefs and marine life.
Golden Wing full day sailing tours for diving or snorkeling at Hat Island & Paul’s Rock. Contact Peter +678 23802
Tranquility Dive can get your party amongst the best Moso Island dive sites and includes turtle hatchery tour. Lessons/refreshers available –

Please remember to dive within your limitations and licensed level (certificates req.)

Kayaking, swimming, snorkelling, diving, boat trips etc. are to undertaken at own risk. A level of initiative and self preservation is to be practised by all clients relative to their own personal fitness level, experience, surroundings and location.

Diving Port Vila area

No dive trip to Vanuatu is complete without visiting the wrecks, walls, drop offs and caverns off Port Vila. All the following offer this, along with dive courses and night diving.

Nautilus and Big Blue also offer tank hire and refills to licensed divers.


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Need a break from the water or the sun? With no venomous snakes or spiders in Vanuatu, so what is stopping you? Here a just few ideas for a change of scenery:
Take the kids (and your camera) and explore the upper reaches of Ai Creek, just down the road. Bring your swimmers to enjoy some deep swimming holes and the rushing rapids.
Adults only – Kayak south to where the jungle meets the sea, secure your kayak and then adventure by foot into the lush jungle.
Walk north up the main road and then take the steep track up the mountain. Awesome views of the islands.

Mele Falls and Cascades – The whole family will love this ‘must do’ half day of exploration. Take swimmers, towels and wet-shoes because you are going to get wet! Take the time to swim or wade into all the pools by the waterfall and discover the many hidden caves that most visitors miss.

Road Trips

Those with hire cars can spend many days exploring this wonderful island of Efate. The top grade Lini Highway follows the spectacular coastline right around the island and takes about 3 – 4 hours at a leisurely pace. There are many side roads to access the shore and hinterland areas, and many quaint villages and fruit or souvenir stalls are scattered along the way.
Beach and snorkelling access often requires a small fee to be paid to the local land owners, but they are very friendly, and may offer to accompany you for a swim or a snorkel. Take the time talk to them and and their ever-smiling children, and do not begrudge them the only income many of them have.

There are a number of round-island tour organisations that service those without cars, but check to see if they drop of back where they pick you up. These are a few (in no order):

Beach Bar Fire Show

Every Friday night at 7pm at the Hideaway Beach Bar, located only 15 minutes drive from Havannah Blue, the local drama group puts on one hell of show! Choreographed to the latest music, in an upbeat show the guys AND girls put they bodies on the line as they surround themselves with spinning balls of flames while pulling gymnastic stunts! A must see. Phone the Beach Bar on 5601132 for more details.


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